Tuesday, May 21, 2013

As requested by one of my new followers. A chicken quilt tutorial

Mama Chicken Pattern 


The first task for this chicken quilt is to choose your fabrics.  If you will look at my
picture of this quilt you will get a general idea of how the quilt should look.  This is
my own design.  

This is all there is to the pattern pieces.   Only 4 pieces.

A = Chicken Body
B = Chicken Wing
C = Top of Chicken Head (the comb)
D = Below Chicken Beak (another comb?)  (I don’t know the name of this
E =  Now all that remains is to draw a circle onto your pattern for the eye.

My chicken is made from orange fabric.  I used red fabric for the combs and drew
his eye with just a black dot. You could use a black button if you are not giving this
to a baby.   The wing is a darker orange.

Step 1.  Draw the pattern pieces onto fusible interfacing.  Draw onto the smooth
             side of the interfacing. 


Step 2.  Once you have drawn these pieces place the right side of the
             fabric up against the glue side of the interfacing.  Stitch on the
             pattern lines and go around each piece of the pattern. 


Once you are finished sewing cut out the pattern.  Make a slit in the interfacing large enough to turn that piece out.  The result will be clean edges and you can whipstitch that piece (A) onto the background square .




Step 3.  Do the same steps for each pattern piece and attach them onto
the background square.   I use a 12 ½ inch square for the block.                The combs of the chicken are easily turned inside out with a very technical tool!  (a straw)

 Step 4.  Make as many of these chicken blocks as you wish and add
sashing between your blocks.  I made six chicken blocks and made the chickens face each other or put their backs to each other and that is basically all I did.  I added sashings that were three inches wide and I added a large border approximately 10 inches wide around my chicken block.    I finished up with another 3 inch border.  I still have to bind this quilt and I will use 1¾ inches binding to finish up this quilt.  Easy Peasy!

Have fun with this pattern and design your own quilt with it!

Please leave me a comment and your email addy if you want a copy of this pattern.






Friday, November 23, 2012

A free thanksgiving gift for you!

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving with the special people in your life.  I did and I wanted to give you something special to say thank you!  Here is a happy little snowman for you to use as you wish:

Thursday, October 18, 2012

New Wallhanging

Hi there, I have been busy sewing this week.  I just made this wallhanging:

I didn't like the blocks, but when I put this together I fell in love with it!  It has sure been great learning this method of quilting!  You don't have any large blob of a quilt in your machine by doing this as you go.

I plan to do another one of these and post it in a day or so.  I am still working on my quilt design.  I am so excited about learning to do quilt as you go or qayg as it is called on the quilting board.  I'm going to start on my Boomerang Seven quilt this week also.  My theme in Boom Seven was Cats and it is going to be really cute!

I need to get back to work now.  More later.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Posting Patterns in order to catch up this blog

I am going to post my patterns to catch up this blog with my work.

#1  Ladybug

#2 Bird

#3 Cat

#4 Boot Scoot Dancers

#5 Mouse

#6 Toby

#7 Tulips
#8 Millie the Angel

#9 The Boot


Saturday, September 15, 2012

Block #10 the Chicken

Well, I am back and I'm going to upload my new pattern #10, the chicken.  Hope you like it:

This chicken makes up into blocks very easily.  I have a chicken away being quilted right now.  Will post a picture as soon as it comes back to me.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Tulips # 7

I have gotten ahead in my patterns but I can take poetic license with my own art, right?

Okay, now I will need to make 6 blocks to go with my Ladybug quilt.  I have one block made and I will post it for you now:

Tulips Pattern 7

I really don't like the flower pot or the background so I am going away to make the block I like.

My Tulip Pattern actually #7 in my series