Friday, August 2, 2013

Block of the Month August 2013 Star and Pinwheels

Sorry to be a day late with this block.  I just was wrapped up with other projects yesterday for an upcoming Bloghop.

The block for this month is called Star & Pinwheels.  Using the same 3 fabrics as we have each month.   It is available on quilterscache like the others, here is your link:

This one was a little easier, here is my block:

Hope you enjoy making this one, I sure did. 
I am thinking about ending this block of the month.  I haven't heard from anyone and I may be doing this block of the month by myself.  If you are following along and want to keep going please leave me a message.  If I don't hear from anyone by the first of next month, I will stop this block of the month due to lack of interest.

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