Monday, June 10, 2013

Sunday after a learning weekend.

This is one of my new ideas.  I am going to put links to interesting tutorials that I run across on the weekends. 
These will be posted here every Sunday night.

Here are some links to tutorials that show some easy yet impressive things to

do with 5" blocks. I like to make quilts out of things like this because you are

not infringing on anyones copyright and yet you have beautiful quilts. I find

it amazing how beautiful some of these can be!

A tutorial on having fun with 5" Novelty squares. A disappearing 9 patch.

This makes a beautiful child's quilt. The brighter the fabrics the better it looks!

A tutorial on using 5 inch squares cut in a unique way. Uses colored and white 5 inch squares.  This also makes a beautiful quilt and there are many variations in the layout
so the quilt never looks the same. She shows 5 of the various layouts.

This is a very interesting tutorial on using Marcus Fabrics "Strip-It".  It makes you want
to run right out and purchase this fabric.

She shows how to make a tumbler shape out of 5" squares.  She shows two layouts and
they are striking.

Shes uses 5" blocks to make a four patch block with sashing and cornerstones around
the block. 

Well, other than getting hooked on doing some scrappy sewing and watching tutorials my weekend went by so fast I can't believe it!   Well as you know, time flies when you are
having fun.  I hope to have more updates this week, but if not I will be back in touch by Sunday.  Cheerio!

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